Dr. Schaefer is a highly sought after speaker, and most notably has spoken at several conferences on workplace wellness and mental health, including most recently:

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Dr. Schaefer highly enjoys speaking on podcasts as a way to connect with the public on workplace mental health. You can check out these podcasts she has appeared on from the past year:

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Dr. Schaefer loves to speak about popular topics on mental health in the workplace, using a combination of story-telling and education on psychology. She has done previous talks on the following areas:

→ Imposter Syndrome
→ Occupational Burnout
→ Overcoming Anxiety

Dr. Schaefer has made appearances at non-profit organizations like AnitaB.org and Geek Girl Dinner in Seattle, to encourage women and BIPOC individuals to get into the tech industry. She has also spoken at professional association meetings, such as the Texas Women in Business Association.


“Candice provided us with an extremely interesting and helpful talk on the topic of imposter syndrome. The talk was well balanced between helping us to understand what imposter syndrome is, why these thought patterns occur, and proactive steps we could take to overcome these feelings and combat our imposter syndrome! Candice is a very engaging speaker and held attendance and interest high throughout the whole session using popular culture references and asking questions to the audience. Every attendee left the talk with a whole host of tips to take forward and use throughout their career. I can’t thank Candice enough for this talk!”

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